In the high stakes game of Hollywood dreams, billions of dollars hinge on one elusive quality: the look. Producers, casting directors, and studios spend endless hours searching high and wide for a seductive glance, a courageous swagger, or a sway of the hips unlike any other. No one knows the right combination until they see it. But when it hits... when it truly hits... it’s a look that launches ships, a look that seduces, a look that erupts into belly laughs (or tears). There is no formula, no recipe, no road map. Only this is true: When they find it - when the look works – it makes all the difference.

WORLD’S GREATEST EXTRA is a documentary about a man with “the look” – one seemingly unlikely to be a Hollywood hit. Having landed in Los Angeles at the age of 21, Jesse Heiman’s pursuit of being a successful writer took a turn after the quick loss of his first job and only source of income. Advice from his roommate changed everything: “Sign up for background extra work,” she said.

Jesse has since worked steadily on hundreds of films and television series alongside some of the industry’s most prominent names. Directors from Steven Spielberg to Michael Bay have placed him in the center of the frame for their highest profile projects, albeit as a wholly anonymous presence (e.g. OLD SCHOOL, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and SPIDERMAN).

This utterly honest and heartfelt portrait film explores the courage, risks and truly wild leaps Hollywood culture demands in order for Jesse to achieve his ambitions. A young man in search of dreams can inspire a public that seeks a face to mirror their own desires.